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We make more than 20 films a month about different aspects of our sport. Here are the subjects we cover:


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Who is behind Fieldsports Channel? What does it do? When did it all begin?


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How do I put my product, brand or service on one of the world’s biggest hunting TV shows?

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Here are the latest films we have made for hunting/shooting/fishing brands worldwide. We make around 20 films a month and almost all of them are sponsored.


Fieldsports 360 Media

Did you know we are a PR company as well? Find out what we can do for your brand, product or service.

Fieldsports Nation

In 2018, we started selling shares to our viewers via a Direct Public Offering. Find out more.


Our charitable arm. We get sent freebies and we sell them at local country shows in order to fund media appearances by pro-hunting commentators. See someone defending hunting on national TV? If national TV refuses to pay their travel expenses, we do.

Gun and hunting YouTube channel rankings

Fieldsports Channel wants the world of hunting and shooting to use YouTube more – the biggest public media space ever invented. Here are the 500 top hunting/shooting/gun channels on YouTube, plus how to contact them.

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