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All available here and on Youtube we have lots of content spanning video, Live streams, webinars and podcasts. 

Fieldsports Britain

Our flagship weekly show out every Wednesday at 7pm GMT


To go along side our ever growing compendium of gear focused articles in our fieldtester area we also produce the monthly Fieldtester show.


Everything airguns and airgunning, from plinking to FAC celebrated in our show airheads. Free to watch here and on YouTube.

Fieldsports Ireland

Hosted by Jason Doyle this show looks at what makes fieldsports so important in Ireland. Along with some extraordinary hunting.

Fieldsports Africa

Richard Leonard lives and breaths the wildlife of Africa and he brings high energy and expertise to this wonderful hunting show.

Fishing Britain

Top game fisherman Hywel Morgan guides us through the many types of fishing all over the British isles with a new location every episode.

Claysports TV

The best of British clayshooting. Sporting to the Olympic disciplines, including how-tos, clay ground reviews and competition reports.

Meet our team

Fieldsports Channel is blessed with more than its fair share of great hunters, shooters and anglers. Have a look through the faces below and click on them to see more of their films.

Charlie Jacoby

Fieldsports Channel presenter and co-founder. Charlie has been writing and broadcasting about countrysports for 25 years. Tel: +44 7850 195353

David Wright

Co-founder, Fieldsports Channel news presenter, and the face of our Fieldtester show. David is also our main film maker.

Andy Crow

A farm manager from Kent, a dedicated pigeon shooter and deerstalker – indeed he is after any kind of cropmuncher. Andy is one of the stars of Fieldsports Channel, too.

Tim Pilbeam

Star of our series Rucksack & Rifle, Tim is our go-to man for intrepid overseas hunting trips. Tim is also a regular presenter on the Fieldtester show.

Roy Lupton

Our Roy can turn his hand to a huge variety of fieldsports, from falconry to foxshooting. He carries out deer and pest control on ground across the Home Counties and is a constant and reliable source of stories about fieldsports.

Paul Childerley

A champion kickboxer, Paul Childerley is one of the UK’s top sporting agents, with ground across the South of England. He is a well known deerstalker with ties to Carl Zeiss Sports Optics, Sako rifles and Shooterking clothing.

Niall Rowantree

Niall leads the sporting management and is passionate about deer. He has over 30 years experience in the industry and has managed the Ardnamurchan deer herd for over 20 years.

Jason Doyle

Our face of Fieldsports Ireland. Jason is a keen shot with rifles, shotguns and cameras. He self-films a lot of his adventures!

Cai Ap Bryn

Cai Ap Bryn is a passionate chef, hunter and director of Game and Flames, his well-known catering company.

Ollie Williams

Made famous by his appearance on the UK TV show Love Island, Ollie runs the Cornish Sporting Agency, offering stalking and gameshooting in Cornwall, and big game hunting and fishing worldwide.

Rich Leonard

The host of our shows Fieldsports Africa and African hunter.

Fieldsports Channel started broadcasting on the Glorious 12th August 2009. Our first programme, Fieldsports Britain, is still going, years later. Hosted by Charlie Jacoby, it is a weekly 20-40 minute show about the best hunting, shooting and fishing. It goes out on YouTube at 7pm UK time every Wednesday.

In 2014, we started launching new shows, including Fishing Britain and AirHeads. We now have shows including Fieldsports Ireland, Fieldsports Africa, the FieldsportsChannel Podcast & Fieldtester.

In 2018, we offered shares in Fieldsports Channel plc, the company that owns Fieldsports Television Ltd.

As a result of the share sale, in 2019, we launched Fieldsports News as a standalone service.

We now have the Fieldsports Nation where our viewers can become members for some extra benefits, like weekly behind the scenes vlog from Charlie, extra films, live Q&A sessions with our experts and stars. Not to mention the exclusive offers and prize-draws. 

We go out on a variety of channels:

We maintain a presence on other media servers, mainly to police copyright.

Our programme is available to cable and satellite operators. Please apply to Charlie Jacoby for a licence.

As well as our TV network, we are a production company. We have a hige library of countryside footage. Please contact us for details.

We put advertisers including Blaser, Browning, Zeiss, Leica, Swarovski and Aimpoint in front of more than 30 million viewers in 2020. YouTube has a bigger audience of hunters and shooters than all the hunting and shooting cable TV channels and magazines put together.

There are lots of ways to advertise on Fieldsports Channel. We can reach around 7.5 million engaged viewers who like what we do and are prepared to listen to us when we recommend a product or service.

For banner advertising use our adbooker form here

For all other advertising opportunities take a look at our FSTV4B area where we offer much more than just placing adverts.

Our charitable arm. We get sent freebies and we sell them at local country shows in order to fund media appearances by pro-hunting commentators. See someone defending hunting on national TV? If national TV refuses to pay their travel expenses, we do. 

Fieldsports Channel wants the world of hunting and shooting to use YouTube more – the biggest public media space ever invented.
Here are the 500 top hunting/shooting/gun channels on YouTube, plus how to contact them. 


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