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You can manage your account details in the members area of the website. You can do it from a desktop computer or a tablet or a mobile device. Please log in to the members dashboard using your email address and password and then follow the individual instructions below.

Please ensure that you notify us of any changes to your name, address or email address immediately. Please also ensure that your card or bank details are correct and up to date to avoid failed payments and the loss of your membership insurance cover. If your annual renewal payment fails, your membership and your insurance will no longer be active. Please read our full membership terms and conditions here

If you have any further questions regarding your membership, please email

How do I renew my membership?

  • Go to Members Area, My Account
  • Go to Subscriptions
  • Select the subscription you would like to renew and click View
  • Click Resubscribe

 You will then be taken to the payment page where you can complete the checkout process.

How do I upgrade my membership to include the public liability and firearms legal expenses insurance?

  • Go to Members Area, My Account
  • Go to Subscriptions 
  • Under Subscription totals you will see a button to Upgrade.
  • Click Upgrade and that will take you to a new page showing the option to upgrade to the insurance product. 
  • Before you upgrade to the insurance product please read the summary document here
  • Click Upgrade and this will take you through to the basket and checkout process.

Your upgrade will be charged pro rata depending on when your existing membership package is due for renewal. You will only be charged the upgrade fee and then £90 on your first full renewal.

How do I change my payment details?

  • Go to Members Area, My Account
  • Go to Payment methods
  • Click on Add payment method. You can then set this as your default payment method by selecting Make default, you can also delete expired cards in here too.

How do I cancel my membership?

  • Go to Members Area, My Account
  • Go to Subscriptions, click View on your current subscription
  • Click Cancel


Does Fieldsports insurance cover AWCs in Scotland?

Do I have to live in Britain to be covered by Fieldsports insurance?

The police are taking a long time to grant/renew/vary my certificate but they have not contacted me to say why. Am I still eligible for Fieldsports legal cover? 

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Thank you for being a part of the Fieldsports Nation, You are awesome! If you have any questions about the way your membership works or anything about your account then please use the form here.



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