National trust vote to ban trail hunting sees low turnout

The vote to ban trail hunting on National Trust land was narrowly defeated.

The result of the vote shows just how little anyone cares about hunting, just 30,686 people voted in favour of trail hunting, a figure that makes up just less than 1 per cent of the overall membership of the trust.

Trail hunting

Just 2% of the 5 million members turned up overall to vote, with trailhunters winning by 299 votes. The Countryside Alliance pointed out what a waste of the Trust’s money the vote was.

Earlier this month antis were accused of putting up posters at National Trust car parks, making out they were officially from the trust, urging members to vote for a ban

A total of 79 annual licences were granted last year to people seeking to engage in trail hunting.

Licences are given with the understanding that the hunt simulates a traditional chase by using a foxes scent, without foxes being deliberately pursued or killed.