New Scottish deer season – Fieldsports News, 26 August 2020

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Hind season to open on 1 September for some
RSPB says raptor persecution not as big a problem as it makes out – BASC
Government pheasant report gives gamekeepers thumbs up – Fieldsports News
Anti-badger cull campaign hits new low
Cocker spaniel theft. If you have seen these dogs, contact Simon 07725196736
Cambridgeshire police dog theft film – Facebook
Sheep ‘killed in sleep’ in off-road rampage – Facebook
Bird deaths reduced after wind turbine colour change – Recharge News
South African game reserve sells meat to beat lockdown losses – Business Insider
Illegal bushmeat kills on the rise in Kenya – Daily Telegraph
Wildlife agency plants cameras on private land and thinks that’s OK – YouTube
French hunting goes blonde – Instagram
Bad year for midgies – Instagram

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