We tackle vehicles in this survey: the big vehicles you go shooting in, and the little UTVs and quad bikes you use to get around your ground.

We carried out this survey in March 2020 when everyone was trapped in lockdown, and 3,500 of you responded. Nearly 400 of you answered the 4×4 survey. More than a quarter of those also have quad bikes and UTVs.

If you are thinking about the brands, the most popular vehicle manufacturer among our viewers is of course Land Rover with 28% of the market, followed by Toyota with 22% and Mitsubishi with 10%.

Top of the vehicle pops
1 Toyota Hilux
2 Land Rover Discovery
3 Land Rover Defender
4 Ford Ranger
5 Mitsubishi L200
6 Isuzu D-Max
7 Land Rover Freelander
8 Toyota Landcruiser
9 Nissan Navara
10 Mitsubishi Shogun

We also asked for some details about your choice of vehicles, and here it is:

There’s one fairly unpopular make that makes it on to the list AND comes top for comfort AND for economy, it’s Volkswagen and your popular choice of model is the VW Amarok.

Voted top for reliability and value for money, you can’t beat Subaru, according to our viewers. Those of you with a Subaru mainly choose the Subaru Forester.

We all like off-roadability, and for that you give the most votes to Suzuki where you like the Suzuki Jimny the most.

We asked you to rate your four- six- or eight-wheeler’s attributes and you give the prize for comfort to Yamaha, mainly the Yamaha Kodiak. Yamaha also wins the prize for customer service.

For off-roadability, you are most keen on both the John Deere Gator and the Suzuki King Quad.

As for the big winner – it’s Honda, with more than a third of the quad bike market among Fieldsports Channel viewers. And you are most likely to own a Honda Foreman, which also wins your choice for reliability and value for money.

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