Wild Justice whipped in Wales – Fieldsports News, 20 January 2021

Here are the links:
Wild Justice loses Wales pest control lawsuit – Fieldsports News
Scottish cops deny freedom of information request over ‘deer-in-water-gate’ – Fieldsports News
Channel 4 airs pro-shooting documentary series – Channel 4
Packham picks on prince over ‘trophy’ hunting – Daily Express
Bison rangers wanted: no experience necessary – The Guardian
BASC encourages shooters to fill in government gun survey – BASC
British Shooting Show cancelled due to lockdown – Shooting Show
ITV News hits new low in anti-hunting campaign – ITV and footage from the show on YouTube
Unsavoury sabs dupe US clothing brand – Twitter

Dozens dead after dogs massacre sheep in Wales – Facebook
Aussie antis slam shooters over duck debacle – Victoria government
Druglord hippos on the loose – National Geographic

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