Act now to save the pheasant season – Fieldsports News, 18 May 2022

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  • Pheasant and partridge imports hang in the balance – NGO + please write to your MP to say that DEFRA should allow 28 days (not 90 days) for bird flu no-movement – or thousands of jobs in shooting will be at risk and 20 million+ gamebird chicks destined for the UK market will be macerated
  • Gamekeepers help stop major moorland fire – Facebook 
  • Gamekeeper charged over raptors – Wiltshire Police
  • Scottish pensioner uses unlicensed air rifle to shoot squirrel in loft – Falkirk Herald + Daily Record
  • Trapping job on Western Isles– job ad
  • Prehistoric hunting pits discovered under Stonehenge – Art News
  • Report reveals how to introduce lynx to Scotland – Scotland Big Picture + YouTube
  • Sweden will halve number of wolves – Mit Jagd Blad
  • Elephants kill 60 people in Zimbabwe – African News + Facebook
  • New York senate approves trophy import ban bill – Instagram
  • Charity clay pigeon shoot to support UK youth group – Facebook + NE Youth or phone 0191 499 0571
  • Angler catches 300lb dinosaur fish – Field & Stream

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