Countryfile under fire – Fieldsports News, 10 August 2022

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  • BBC fails to represent rural issues – Daily Mail
  • Packham vs Gareth Wyn Jones Tweet spat – Twitter + C4PMC
  • Deer number highest for 1,000 years – DEFRA deer consultation
  • Countryside Alliance welcomes hunt sabs conviction – Countryside Alliance
  • Irish hare coursing licence granted – Irish Times
  • Anglers’ victory restores fishing at nature reserve – Fieldsports News
  • Shortage of non-lead bullets and shotshells could reduce game sales – Sunday Telegraph
  • Gamekeepers better than rewilders for our green goals – GWCT
  • DEFRA gives £116,000 to DiCaprio’s rewilding charity – Daily Mail
  • English town council first in Europe to endorse plant based treaty – GritDaily
  • Young angler shows off monster catch –
  • Hunters swarm Florida for python challenge – USA Today + YouTube


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