Zeiss V8 2.8-20×56 riflescope tested on the hill in Scotland

When you’re stalking red stags on the hill in Scotland, you want gear that performs impeccably in any conditions, and is light to carry. That’s why professional deer manager Paul Childerley chose to take the Zeiss V8 2.8-20×56 scope on his Sako rifle.

“It’s a no-brainer,” he says. “It’s a product that’s been tried and tested. The thing about the new V8 is the 30mm tube, which is a breeze to mount on your rifle.”

The Zeiss V8 is a no-brainer for this type of shooting says Paul, with its light weight and outstanding performance

“It’s light weight too, and on these longer distance hunts anything that reduces weight is perfect, trust me.”

He adds “This new model has all the features I love about the old V8: the light transmission, the red dot, the turrets, but it’s the 30mm tube that is key for me.”

Retail price of the Zeiss V8 2.8-20×56 is £2,700.

Find out more about the Zeiss V8 family of scopes at Zeiss.co.uk.

To find the kit you want at the best price, go to Kitfinder.co.uk.

The scope has a 30mm tube, making it simple to mount on just about any rifle

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