Not a very ‘Good Morning Britain’ with Chris Packham

As the general licences chaos rumbles on, Packham has been on British television at his manipulating worst.

Speaking to Piers Morgan on Good Morning Britain, he has been manipulating the truth, claming there are no records of pest birds. That’s a lie. The Game & Wildlife Conservation Trust has been keeping a pest bird census since 1961.

He has been manipulating sympathy. He claimed in the Good Morning Britain interview that he has had “Death threats of a very serious nature”.

One source told us that the corvids hung overnight on Packham’s gate were left there as the result of a neighbourhood dispute.

Packham went on to tell newspapers he has had ‘calculated’ death threats. The Fieldsports Channel gang has little sympathy. Fieldsports Channel presenters get two dozen death threats a month. Late last year, Fieldsports Channel’s Niall Rowantree sent details of hundreds of death threats to the police in Scotland who told him that, working in wildlife management, that’s something he should expect.

Packham has been manipulating his position. He stopped the Good Morning Britain TV show from putting up a BASC spokesperson to argue against him. BASC head of press Garry Doolan says: “We wanted the right of reply with Chris Packham. We had agreed a live TV debate – we agreed that last Friday.

“ITV rang us at the 11th hour and said they had been in negotiations with Chris Packham’s agent, and they now wanted to do it as an exclusive piece for them and a sa tie in to the Daily Mirror.”

After rushing out an unworkable licence for corvids, Natural England is thought to be closer to issuing new General Licences. Meanwhile, the damage Packham has done to British agriculture continues. Farmers and shooters feel they are losing control of their own wildlife management. Packham denies this. On Good Morning Britain, Packham says the outcry from the farming community is ‘entirely fake news’.

Full Packham of lies here:



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