NRA removes signposts to tenant it wants to run out of town

New visitors to Bisley Shooting Ground at the top end of Bisley Camp will now have to find it using their satnavs. The NRA has removed all of the shooting ground’s signs from Bisley.

The action is believed to be connected with a dispute over renewal of the shooting ground’s lease.

“We simply cannot understand why we are being treated this way by our landlord,” says BSG’s Alex Roupell. “As you may know we have issued proceedings against the National Rifle Association (NRA – our landlord) as they are attempting to take over our family business. Until the court hearing, in 2020, we are business as usual via an injunction and written commitment from the NRA that we can continue to trade as usual. We are therefore deeply saddened and confused by the NRA’s bullying attitude and apparent attempt to pre-empt the court decision by damaging our business irreparably before the court can decide the issue.”

In his most recent statement, prior to ordering the signs taken down, NRA chief executive Andrew Mercer says: “The actions of the NRA have solely been aimed at holding BSG as tenant to obligations they undertook when signing the lease and licence. To expect a tenant to honour their commitments is not bullying – it is professional property management that is expected of charity trustees.”

To help fund its legal action, BSG has set up a GoFundMe page