They destroy trees, they eat eggs and chicks in the nest, and they carry a virus that kills our native red squirrels. What kind of monsters are they? They are grey squirrels, and Roy Lupton is on mission to make a dent in their population. If you haven’t already, it’s time to dust off the airgun or the shotgun and pull out the long pole for your own grey drey day.

Roy is using an FX Impact airgun with Pulsar Trail on top.

Grey squirrel
The grey squirrel (Sciurus carolinensis) – or ‘tree rat’ as it also known

Here are some of the groups using airguns to fight back against grey squirrels:

Allerdale Red Squirrel Group
Alston Moor Red Squirrel Group
Anglesey Red Squirrel Project
Brampton & District Red Squirrel Group
British Red Squirrel Forum
Cornwall Red Squirrel Project
European Squirrel Initiative
Garsdale Red Squirrel Group
Isle of Wight Red Squirrel Trust
Morpeth & District Red Squirrels
Northern Red Squirrels
Penrith & District Red Squirrel Group
Ponteland Red Squirrels Group
Red Squirrels Northern England
Red Squirrels United, which will stop working in March 2020
Sedbergh Red Squirrel Group
Solway Red Squirrel Group
South Lakes Red Squirrel Group
Tyne & Wear & Northumberland Red Squirrel Conservationalists
UK Squirrel Accord
West Lakes Squirrel Initiative
Westmorland Red Squirrels
Wight Squirrel Project

Northern Ireland
Fermanagh Red Squirrel Group
North West Red Squirrel Group
Ring of Gullion Red Squirrel Group
Sliabh Beagh & Clogher Valley
The Glens Red Squirrel Group
Tollymore Red Squirrel Group

Do you know these organisations?
Unfortunately, some organisations are squeamish about endorsing grey squirrel shooting. Please lobby these groups so they they come out in favour of shooting as a method of grey squirrel control:
Saving Scotland’s Red Squirrels
Red Squirrels Trust Wales
Red Squirrel South West
Red Squirrel Survival Trust
Mid Wales Red Squirrel Partnership

Grey squirrel
The effect that greys have on reds


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