British bowhunters abroad

Gary Rawlings takes his sport to South Africa. He is a British bowhunter – which is a banned sport in the UK, so he goes out after kudu and warthog. Find out how he gets on. ▶ To go hunting with Guy Swart, visit ▶ For the British Bowhunters Association, visit

Operation Squirrel

They destroy trees, they eat eggs and chicks in the nest, and they carry a virus that kills our native red squirrels. What kind of monsters are they? They are grey squirrels, and Roy Lupton is on mission to make a dent in their population. If you haven’t already, it’s time to dust off the […]

Fieldsports Britain – Roy’s crackdown on greys

Save a red – shoot a grey. Is this Manchester United vs Norwich City? Nope – it’s Roy Lupton’s conservation call to the nation and it’s all about squirrels. The airgunners of Anglesey did it. They successfully shot all the grey squirrels on the island and made it safe for red squirrels, which are doing […]

Antis hunt down Love Island star – Fieldsports News, 15 January 2020

  Love Island contestant axed over trophy hunting snaps – The Independent Masked antis arrested – Countryside Alliance Swedish and English join Irish – Limerick Leader Judge cleared of attacking hunt protestors – Daily Mail Muntjac symposium – British Deer Society Forestry Commission takes deer management in-house – job ads here and here Environmentalists threaten […]


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