Outrage at Packham CBE

The countryside has turned to social media to express its outrage that animal rights activist and BBC TV presenter Chris Packham is to be made a CBE.

Chris Packham
Chris Packham

Packham’s ‘services to nature conservation’ include the launch of a group dedicated to ending grouseshooting and a campaign to ban hunting/shooting in Malta. In both campaigns he has lied and exaggerated to the media, including his employer the BBC, the extent of wildlife crimes, trying to show that they are extensive and that shooting sports should be banned. In both campaigns, he ignores the conservation benefits of shooting.

The quote he gave to the media following the news is: “Maybe the silent have spoken, maybe a terrified fox, a wounded harrier or a trapped badger whispered and this is their thanks.”

On Facebook and Twitter, people who live in the countryside describe Packham as a “charlatan”.

“I really start to wonder what sort of a mad house we live in,” says one. And of the government that is giving him the gong: “Are they so arrogant that they take the rural vote for granted?”

A CBE is one award down from a knighthood. CBE are awarded to people who have a prominent but lesser role at national level, or a leading role at regional level. You can also get one for a distinguished, innovative contribution to any area.

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