Delicious Festive Pheasant Parcels – recipe


4-6 pheasant breasts
8-12 rashers smoked back bacon

For the stuffing:
2 small onions diced
100g bread crumbs
Small handful of sage leaves
100g chopped chestnuts
Small handful of cranberries
300g sausage meat
Salt and pepper .

Add all stuffing ingredients into a mixing bowl and with a small dash of hot water use your hands to mix well.

Test stuffing by frying a small ball of mix in a hot frying pan. Add seasoning if needed.

Butterfly the pheasant breasts. Add salt and pepper once butterflied

Close each pheasant breast around stuffing and roll in smoked back bacon

Add a knob of butter to the outer parcel before rolling in cling film.

Tie up the ends of the clingfilm

Repeat so there are two layers of clingfilm around each ‘parcel’.

Poach for 20 minutes

Unwrap from clingfilm and pan fry in salted butter to brown off before serving.

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