Hunting channels Down Under – YouTube rankings

A paradise for sportsmen and women awaits down under – and local YouTubers have been good at taking advanatage of it. From South Island’s mountain hunting for chaois and tahr to the buffalo of Northern Queensland, these are the hunting YouTube channels to watch, ranked in order.

Hogs Dogs Quads is putting on weight. Its subs are up three-and-a-half times and its views four times, keeping it firmly in first place. Hunting with Stu moves up to second place. Former champions TarraDarraBros gave up on YouTube two years ago – though that didn’t stop them adding 14 million views in 2019, leaving them only in third place. Bolt-Action Productions, which has branched into podcasts, is in fifth. The highest ranking New Zealand channel is in fourth place, the thoroughly deserving Clay Tall Stories, more than doubling its views and subs in 2019.

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