How to build your own custom PCP airgun

You don’t have to buy a PCP airgun off the shelf. James Head of Crackshot UK explains how you can assemble your ideal gun, picking your preferred barrel and action and then adding a stock, buttplate, scope, moderator and accessories.

“The first thing I’d want to know is what you’re going to use the gun for – hunting, Hunter Field Target or plinking. Then we can build what you need,” says James.

“The first thing to pick is the action and barrel. Normally that will come with a stock attached, but that doesn’t mean we can’t fit a different stock for you.”

Some styles of stock are best suited to target shooting such as Hunter Field Target, while others are designed for hunting. “We get custom stocks built by companies like Form, and they will take your measurements to ensure the stock fits you.”

You might also add a hook type butt plate to give the stock more stability in your shoulder – but bear in mind that the longer style of hook isn’t allowed for some target disciplines.

Next you can choose a muzzle brake or moderator, scope and mounts… the possibilities are endless, and ultimately you end up with a unique, custom PCP airgun designed specially for you.

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