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2022 was a challenging year for hunters and shooters.  At Fieldsports Channel we have championed your causes and covered a wide range of stories from bird flu, the war in Ukraine and the death of Her Majesty the Queen. Below are the links to all the films featured in our news review of year. 

All our news stories in 2022: new lobbying group for UK hunting sports

There’s a new group to help hunting. is lobbying the UK parliaments in Westminster, Holyrood, Cardiff and Stormont to help stop bans on hunting

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Lead shot ban hits a bump – Fieldsports News, 25 May 2022 Here are the links: Lead shot ban hits a bump – FACE challenges ECHA’s consultation: Guinea pig mystery: Harboro Rocks Clay Shoot:

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How to save rhinos

by Charlie Jacoby It’s dark. The baby rhino is in the South African savannah with her mother. Dawn is coming. She has survived the night

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Scotland snare scare

by Deborah Hadfield The Scottish government is considering the future use of snares. It has approached a range of fieldsports groups for their views. However,

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Human cost of bird flu by Deborah Hadfield Kevin and Val Russell run Hawkstone Falconry in Yorkshire. With the bird flu outbreak following two years of covid, businesses such

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