How to build your own custom PCP airgun

You don’t have to buy a PCP airgun off the shelf. James Head of Crackshot UK explains how you can assemble your ideal gun, picking your preferred barrel and action and then adding a stock, buttplate, scope, moderator and accessories. “The first thing I’d want to know is what you’re going to use the gun […]

News review 2022 2022 was a challenging year for hunters and shooters.  At Fieldsports Channel we have championed your causes and covered a wide range of stories from bird flu, the war in Ukraine and the death of Her Majesty the Queen. Below are the links to all the films featured in our news review of year.  […]

Zoo to zoo: how animal charities earn millions moving lions from the UK to Africa

Once upon a time, the British public paid money to see lions and tigers in zoos and circuses. Now they pay to translocate them from captivity in Europe to captivity in Africa. Are wildlife charities lying to donors? Do they exploit the animals they claim to be saving? Ben O’Rourke investigates the world of pricy, […]


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