Piers Morgan blathers at elephant hunter

Celebrity anti-hunting campaigner Piers Morgan is floored on his own chat show, by a hunter who calmly explains to him how the maths of elephant hunting works.

Morgan loses his temper with big game hunter Ron Thomson on the ITV show Good Morning Britain, who quietly justifies his reasoning for shooting around 5,000 elephants over 60 years. Thompson won praise from British shooters – even those who don’t like elephant hunting – for calmly taking on Morgan over the issue of elephant hunting.

This is not the first time Morgan has attacked hunters on his show. Over time, he has tried to promote his views in these interviews:

Morgan lams into Safari Club International London chapter head Steve Jones

Morgan furious that Donald Trump rescinds trophy import ban

Morgan tries to blame northern white rhino extinction on hunters

Morgan argues trophy-hunting with a 12-year-old girl who enjoys hunting

Morgan gets into a spat with big game hunter Diggory Hadoke

Morgan gives Ben Fogle a platform to campaign against hunting

During these interviews, Morgan has threatened to ‘skin’ hunters, to ‘hunt’ hunters’ and to ‘murder’ hunters, giving his audience licence to continue their death threats against hunters online.

Like a handful of other British TV presenters, Morgan goes against broadcasting guidelines by being partial on the issue.

In 2018, the Guardian newspaper printed a call for a ban on the importing of hunting trophies to the UK  by celebrity wildlife campaigners including Morgan. Here is one of Morgan’s targets describing the death threats he had as a result of appearing on Good Morning Britain:

Good Morning Britain claims an audience of around 700,000 viewers, around half of Fieldsports Channel’s average monthly audience on YouTube.

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