Irish pigeonshooting guru Stephen Dunbar talks Jason Doyle through a December day over oilseed rape. The pigeons are feeding on and damaging the crop. With the sun and the wind on their back, and the feeding area in front of them, Stephen and Jason can try out different patterns to see what pulls them in. Jason is shooting a Benelli Raffaello and Gamebore Supersteel 32g 5-shot cartridges, so he can pass the dead pigeons on to local falconers (raptors mustn’t eat lead shot). This is part of Jason’s Wild Wing shooting series.

▶ Decoys from Enforcer Pigeon Decoys
▶ Gamebore supplies the cartridges
▶ Benelli Raffaello came from GMK
▶ Clothing from Jack Pyke
▶ This item appears in Fieldsports Ireland, episode 5
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