Pulsar Axion thermal imagers – range overview

Pulsar Axion thermal monoculars have become the go-to tool for pest controllers, deer managers, and anyone else who needs a quality hand-held thermal spotter to make their job easier. They’re small, light and incredibly powerful, allowing you to scan an area quickly for any heat source that might reveal the presence of quarry.

“The Axion range goes all the way through from the budget end right through to the top of the range XQ38 models, with or without laser rangefinding,” explains Phil Taylor from Pulsar distributor Thomas Jacks.

The Axion viewers are all a handy palm size, easy to carry around and use

The model names and numbers may seem confusing at first, but there’s a simple logic to them. “XM and XQ refer to the sensor, while the number is the size of the lens,” Phil explains. “Where there’s an S that indicates a larger Sony viewfinder screen, and StreamVision technology so you can send photos or videos to your mobile phone.”

Phil adds that the larger screen, at just 25% bigger, may not sound like much, but actually makes a tremendous difference, making it easier to spot and identify quarry. “When the XM30S came out, I was shocked at the improvement in the picture compared to the Key XM30,” he says.

The range has something for everyone, from budget to professional models

Phil’s own Axion is the XQ38. He bought it for stalking, when he wants to carry binoculars and rifle as well, and comments that it’s the perfect size to fit in the palm of your hand. “I can just bring it to my eye and quickly scan a field or woodland to see if there’s anything there.”

Next model up from the XQ38 is the XQ38 LRF, with a built-in laser rangefinder instead of the ability to record or stream to your phone. “The rangefinder will ping anything up to 1,000 metres, which can be tremendously useful,” he says. “You just have to weigh up which feature is going to be the most useful to you.”

The XQ38 LRF has a built-in laser rangefinder which can be especially useful at night

“All in all the Axion range is ideal for anyone on the move, doing pest control or just monitoring wildlife. It goes in a pocket, fits in the palm of your hand, and there’s something for everyone, from the budget models all the way up to the professional user.”

Prices range from £869.95 to £2,129.95. Find out more at the Thomas Jacks website.

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