Pulsar Krypton FXG50 thermal scope attachment – review

The Krypton FXG50 is Pulsar’s flagship thermal add-on which will fit virtually any day scope. “It means you don’t have to tie up a dedicated rifle for night shooting,” explains Tom from distributors Thomas Jacks. “If you’re a stalker and you do a bit of foxing, then a thermal add-on is definitely the way to go.”

It will turn your day scope into a formidable thermal scope, so although it might sound like a significant investment at just a whisker under £4k, it’s actually a very cost-effective bit of kit, removing the need for a separate rifle and thermal scope for night shooting.

The Krypton FXG50 turns your day scope into a formidable thermal scope within seconds

The Krypton fits quickly and securely to the front of your scope by means of a PSP ring adapter, available in a range of sizes, with shims, to suit any riflescope. Once the adapter is fitted, you can clip the unit on the front of your scope in seconds, with no need to re-zero.

It features a highly sensitive 640×480 12µm thermal sensor, image boost mode and a HD 1746×1000 frost-resistant AMOLED display for detailed imaging. It is capable of detecting up to 2,300m, and is optimised for day scopes with between 1.5x and 6x magnification.

The unit can be controlled via the Bluetooth wireless remote control, and has StreamVision connectivity

The unit is very robust and shock-resistant, with a magnesium alloy bodyshell which is waterproof to IPX7 standard. It is powered by a quick-change, rechargeable IPS7 battery pack which provides power for around 12 hours, depending on conditions.

The Krypton can be controlled via the included Pulsar BT wireless remote control. It has built-in photo and video recording onto its 16Gb of internal memory, and is compatible with StreamVision to stream or download images and video.

Retail price is £3,999.95 and the PSP Ring Adapter is £119.95. Find out more at the Thomas Jacks website.

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