Pulsar Digex N450 digital night vision riflescope – review

Many pest controllers are switching to thermal riflescopes nowadays, but Tom from distributors Thomas Jacks says there’s still a place for digital night vision like the Pulsar Digex N450 riflescope. “It’s just a fantastic little unit,” he says.

The scope follows the familiar day scope format and mounts with standard 30mm scope rings, but inside it’s a sophisticated IR night vision unit offering great performance from a highly sensitive 1280×720 HD CMOS sensor, matched with a top quality HD display. The flip-up lens cover allows you to use the scope in daylight as well as darkness.

Tom points out the controls handily placed on top of the eyepiece

The SumLight software gives excellent passive-mode performance in anything short of total darkness, without the use of an IR Illuminator. When you do need IR, the removable 850nm eye-safe IR Illuminator is focusable, has adjustable power and can be aligned easily by loosening a ring, adjusting the position and tightening again.

The Digex N450 is powered with two rechargeable batteries: one built-in APS3 battery and a 2,000 mAh replaceable APS2 battery. When the replaceable battery is empty, the internal APS3 automatically takes over. The replaceable battery can be swapped over in a matter of seconds and the scope will switch to the replaceable battery without shutting down.

Whilst thermal is growing in popularity, Tom says there's still a place for digital night vision

The Digex N450 will also record video or still images, which are saved onto the internal 16Gb memory and can be transferred either by USB or wirelessly via StreamVision, which also allows remote control of many of the Digex N450’s settings.

Retail price is £1,299.95, including three APS2 batteries and a charger. Find out more at the Thomas Jacks website.

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