Pulsar Digisight Ultra LRF N450 night vision riflescope – review

Judging range at night can be a real challenge, even if you know your ground well. Tom from distributors Thomas Jacks is a fan of the Pulsar Digisight Ultra LRF N450 night vision riflescope for that very reason – it has a built-in laser rangefinder that will measure ranges up to 1,000m with an accuracy of plus or minus 1 metre.

It’s a very competent night vision scope that can also be used during the day, thanks to the flip-up lens cover with a small peephole in the centre.

The IR illuminator clips onto the battery, making for a neat profile

The unit has a compact, robust bodyshell that is fully waterproof to IPX7 standard. Inside, the 1280×720 CMOS sensor and 1024×768 AMOLED display give excellent night time performance with a detection range of 550m.

The supplied IR illuminator clips neatly onto the battery. If you prefer, you can remove it and attach a more powerful illuminator via the clip-on rail. “In all honesty the supplied IR illuminator should be more than sufficient though,” says Tom.

The unit has a native magnification of 4.5x, added to which you can zoom in to 18x, with the option of 2x and 4x fast zoom. There’s also the option of picture-in-picture, offering a magnified image of the central area with the reticle.

The built-in laser rangefinder solves the issue of judging range at night

It has StreamVision connectivity so you can share images and video with friends, or upload them wirelessly to your mobile phone. It also allows you to control many of the scope’s settings remotely. There’s still the option of connecting to your computer via the built-in USB port, which can also be used to charge the battery in situ.

The Digisight Ultra LRF N450 is priced at £1,379.95. Find out more at the Thomas Jacks website.

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