Roy is tired and grumpy, and giving David grief. David’s one hope is that Roy takes his rattiness out on the local rodent population. With the end of the falcon breeding season just around the corner, Roy has just a couple of hours to perform some important rat control around his aviaries. Poison is not an option with so many birds of prey around the place, plus the local tawny owls, so it’s all about air rifles. This evening he is using an RTI Arms Priest 2 in .177. On top, he’s added the Infiray TD 50L night vision scope plus he’s got the Infiray Eye 3 series thermal monocular E3 max. The power of the thermal proves the rats are definitely in residence, but tricky to get on to behind summer foliage. Thankfully the combination of thermal and NV means that, when the opportunity presents itself, Mr Grumpy takes his chances. 

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