What the UK can learn from Botswana about looking after animals

youtu.be/lVO7F7MULUo by Charlie Jacoby Big African animals from a dozen species browsing next to each other on green savannah. It’s a scene that the British government struggles to understand, because these are wild animals thriving in a southern African hunting country. The British government takes the view that these animals can’t be thriving, because they […]

How to find the best pellet for your air rifle

youtu.be/bfEA-6_QZGU To get the best out of your air rifle, you need to find the pellet that works best in your gun. Some air rifles seem to ‘like’ some pellets – and not like others. James Head, from Devon-based airgun shop Crackshot, heads to the range above the shop to try a selection of pellets […]

Call to arms on new firearms licensing consultation

youtu.be/uyM_t-srydg BASC says a new firearms consultation on firearms licensing is the most important in 35 years. The Minister for Crime and Policing Chris Philp launched an 8-week consultation on June 29th. BASC is urging shooters to respond so that the shooting community has a voice in decisions that will have an impact for decades […]

Delays in GL43 licences threaten gamekeeping jobs

There should be birds ready for the shooting season. But this shoot on Salisbury Plain is in limbo because of the chaos surrounding general licences. DEFRA announced a last-minute change which means shoots near some protected sites need a licence to release birds. BASC says the new rules affect hundreds of shoots. BASC ‘s chief […]

What makes the best foxhound?

www.youtube.com/watch?v=3Wcf32tsaVM What to look for in a foxhound: Charlie travels to the Irish Masters of Foxhounds Association 2023 hound show at Stradbally Hall, where the best Irish foxhounds are on show, as well as harriers, beagles and even azawakhs.    Visit IMFHA.ie Photography from the day: More on hounds here: More on hounds here:

Mr Grumpy goes ratting

www.youtube.com/watch?v=QgV0554Fzag Roy is tired and grumpy, and giving David grief. David’s one hope is that Roy takes his rattiness out on the local rodent population. With the end of the falcon breeding season just around the corner, Roy has just a couple of hours to perform some important rat control around his aviaries. Poison is […]

Fieldsports Britain – ratty Roy

www.youtube.com/watch?v=xS34mhRtwdw Roy has a rat problem – and he suffers from  rattiness, too. He is out with David to control the rodents that are scavenging around his bird of prey aviaries. Meanwhile, Charlie is off to Ireland to find out what makes the best foxhound. It’s the Irish Masters of Foxhounds Association’s annual hound show […]

UK government puts guns under public spotlight – Fieldsports News, 5 July 2023

youtu.be/3Z2u7FtXM8c Here are the links: BASC says firearms consultation most important in 35 years – Fieldsports News or click here for firearms licensing consultation  Bluefin tuna research programmes approved – Facebook MPs accuse anti hunting police chief of bias – Daily Telegraph Lord Zac Goldsmith resigns – BBC BASC warns of Scottish bill human rights […]


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