Ridgeline Evolution smock – review

When you’re out in all weathers, you need something that will keep you warm and dry, but is also breathable so you aren’t soaked with sweat going up the hills. Better still if it’s easy to dry out at the end of the day, so you’re ready to face the elements next day. Enter the Ridgeline Evolution smock, part of Ridgeline’s High Performance range.

“The Evolution smock came out of my experience of 24 years in the army,” explains Nigel Winkle, from distributor Highland Outdoors. “Because I was in the infantry I was always out in the wet. That wasn’t a problem because we had gear that kept us dry. The problem was that gear would absorb water, and it took a long time to dry.”

Ridgeline came up with a smock that weighs under 900g and can be carried in your rucksack. It’s highly waterproof, with a 15,000mm hydrostatic head, and breathable too, with a rating of 10,000g/m2/24hr MVT.

Ridgeline have listened to user feedback and are adding features into their garments for improved breathability. The Evolution smock has underarm zips and adjustable neoprene cuffs, so you can increase ventilation when needed.

When it’s cold you can batten down the hatches and keep warm air in. As well as doing up the underarm zips and tightening the cuffs, there’s a waist clinch so you can trap warm air around the upper part of your body. When you’re active and start to warm up, it takes seconds to open up and allow more ventilation.

Other features include a redesigned hood with three points of adjustment, a large front pouch for binoculars and equipment, and handwarmer pockets that run through to give extra storage. The long New Zealand style gives superb protection as well as giving the smock its unique style.

“Waterproof, breathable, practical and functional – that’s the Ridgeline Evolution smock,” says Nigel.

RRP £279.99. Find out more at the Highland Outdoors website

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