Best rimfires and rimfire ammunition 2020

Here are Fieldsports Channel viewers’ top five favourite rifles

  1. CZ 455
  2. CZ 452
  3. Ruger 10-22
  4. Sako Quad
  5. Browning T-Bolt
Checkmate to our Czech mates at CZ: your rimfire of choice, the CZ 455, with 15% of the market, by itself outsells all other manufacturers’ entire rimfire ranges


When it comes to manufacturers, there are two big boys in the rimfire rifle market, and one massive boy. As you know, we sent out surveys into what kit you use back in March 2020. 3,500 replies came back to us. Of those, 613 are responses to our questionnaire about rimfires.

In third place, it’s Ruger, with the 10/22 the standout choice. In second place it’s Anschuetz, where your models of choice are the 1417 and 1517, though neither of those make the top five for rifles sold.


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Ruger and Anschuetz each have around 10% of the market of Fieldsports Channel viewers. With a massive 39% of the market is CZ. And consider that CZ owns Brno, which itself comes fourth: that gives CZ nearly half the market for rimfires.

Top three manufacturers, according to our viewers


When it comes to rimfire ammunition, you are similarly polarised. Eley, Hornady and CCI each have between 15 and 20% of the market. The winner with 30% of all rimfire ammunition sold to Fieldsports Channel viewers is Winchester.

Winchester wins the prize for most rimfire ammunition sold to Fieldsports Channel viewers


Just because CZ sells more than anyone else, doesn’t mean it is our viewers’ most loved brand. They voted the Anschuetz 1417 the winner for both reliability and for value for money. The winner for fit, looks and for accuracy, in the opinion of our viewers, is the Sako Finnfire

Anschuetz 1417 and Sako Finnfire: winners for reliability and for value for money (the Anschuetz) and fit, looks and accuracy (the Sako)


Finally, when it comes to the most popular models, it’s worth noting that you hang on to your rimfires. The average age of the rimfires you own is more than 12 years.

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