Rimfire rifles and ammunition: the Ultimate Guide

From Fieldsports Channel’s Fieldtester Scroll down to watch our video reviews of top rimfire rifles The humble rimfire has long been a favourite of farmers, gamekeepers and pest controllers. It’s cheap to shoot, accurate and deadly on pests like rabbits and squirrels. Rimfires are versatile too. Shoot subsonic hollowpoint .22 ammo through a moderator, and […]

How the RSPB persecutes gamekeepers

  Ben O’Rourke A few years ago, two gamekeepers, a policeman and a man from a wildlife charity went to a vet’s surgery for a bird’s post mortem. The carcase was ‘found’ on a grousemoor, said the charity representative. He accused gamekeepers of killing it. For a bird, it smelled fishy, says one of the […]

Shooting rats on the ratberg

Rat after rat appears for Roy Lupton to shoot. He calls his trash heap ‘the ratberg’ and it produces the rats tonight. He is having a post-lockdown crackdown on the pesky rodents, shooting them with new night vision from Pulsar. Click here for more from Roy Click here for the Pulsar Digex N450

Fieldsports Britain – Roy’s ratberg, dead ahead

  It’s a rat hunting challenge. Roy attempts to take down the ratberg that is his rat-infested lockdown dump/bonfire/trash-heap. Usually he uses thermal on his airgun but this week he has new night vision from Pulsar to try out. Meanwhile, Charlie is in the Lake District with a kayak and a tenkara rod so that […]

‘Flyakara’ – kayak tenkara on an English tarn

Charlie Jacoby If kayak flyfishers are calling their sport flyaking – which is a hideous word IMHO that will be the first against the wall when the revolution comes – I can call tenkara flyfishing from a kayak ‘flyakara’. What’s tenkara? It’s a bit of a craze, but it suits the catching of the small […]


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