Royal gundog trainer tragedy – Fieldsports News, 26 February 2020

Here are the links:

Royal gun dog trainer tragedy – Daily Mail
Daily Star attacks top deerstalker – Daily Star
Top deerstalker hits back – blog
Packham badger blowback – Twitter
Storm-battered badgers stand their ground – Daily Mail and Twitter
Veggie company bans claims for meat meals – BBC
Deer harass Highlanders – Press & Journal
RSPB and DEFRA gamebird shooting review – RSPB website
Grouse moor owners threatened government over muirburn ban – Guardian
Conservation group needs recruits in litter battle – Countryside Alliance
Foxhunting: kick on and keep hunting – local newspaper and Mirror
Swearing sabs – Facebook
Teen caught with illegal gun – local newspaper
2020 hunting video Oscars – Facebook
Gamekeepers hailed for conservation efforts – GWCT
Shooters, archers granted passage to India – Guardian
China cracks down on wildlife trade – South China Morning Post
Botswana bites back over lifting elephant hunt ban – local newspaper
Hippo takes a stroll – Facebook

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