Fieldsports Britain – Whitetail Hunt in the Forests of Finland

Paul is out after whitetail again, this time with more success. He is trying out new ammunition from the Sako Factory in Finland, and he visits the factory to see how it is made. Meanwhile, Tim Pilbeam is off to France for an emotional rendezvous with a stag. There’s lots to win in this episode […]

Red stag: an emotional hunt

Tim Pilbeam is back in France and gets the opportunity to stalk a large trophy red stag. He is there at the heart of the rut, and explains his feelings – perhaps the feelings of many hunters – as he takes the shot. It’s the latest in his Rucksack & Rifle series. ▶ To go […]

On Test: Sako Super Hammerhead

What are the best bullets for whitetail deer? Paul Childerley tries out Super Hammerhead cartridges from ammunition manufacturer Sako on a whitetail hunt in Finland, plus he visits the Sako factory in Finland to see how they are made. It is the latest in his Stalking Success series. ▶ For more about Sako, visit […]


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