Fieldsports News, 10 January 2019

Chris Packham says hunt ban doesn’t work Jeremy Paxman begs Britain to stop buying farmed salmon Gamekeepers clear fly tipping Bereleigh Shoot noise pollution case SEAT offends foxhunters National Trust cancels trail hunting on the Long Mynd Poland plans mass wild boar extermination Australian antis are up a gum tree over duck Cabela’s falls foul […]

Catapult sights and anchor points

Catty Shack man Wayne Martin shows how to improve your slingshot shooting accuracy, using reference points on your body, on your catapult – and even optical sights. ▶ For more about Wayne’s slingshots, visit ▶ Wayne is sponsored by Jack Pyke. Visit ▶ Click here to join the Fieldsports Nation. Just £/$/€4.99 a month […]

On Test: Sako 85 Black Wolf

Paul Childerley talks through the pros and cons of the Sako 85 Black Wolf, which he is taking on a chamois hunt in Slovenia. ▶ For more about the Sako 85 Black Wolf, visit ▶ To go stalking with Paul, email ▶ Click here for all our films with Paul ▶ Click here to join […]

Shooting Chamois on the Vertical

Paul Childerley is on a three-day chamois hunt in the Slovenian mountains. In the latest episode of Paul’s Barrels & Brass series, he is out with Pater Matjasic of YouTube channel WaffenlandTV during the chamois rut. ▶ For more about the Sako 85 Black Wolf, visit ▶ To go stalking with Peter, email […]

Fieldsports Britain – Spectacular Mountain Chamois Hunt

Tough stalking in superb mountain scenery – Paul Childerley is shooting chamois during their rut. He is out with Peter Matjasic from WaffenlandTV, who wants to show him why Slovenia is a hunting paradise. Meanwhile, Catty Shack man Wayne Martin offers his tips on shooting straight with a catapult. David is on the Fieldsports Channel […]

Dallas Safari Club steps up its conservation work

Dallas Safari Club steps up its conservation work

Dallas Safari Club is bumping up its conservation work. During its 2019 convention and expo in Dallas, USA, it brought together a group of top-level conservation experts to join the DSC Conservation Advisory Board. This new group is charged with the mission of providing subject matter expertise with both regional and global perspectives on needed […]

Namibia’s NGOs hit back at anti-hunting call

Namibia’s NGOs hit back at anti-hunting call

Namibia’s top ecologist has hit back against a letter in the Guardian newspaper against trophy hunting. Dr Chris Brown, chief executive of the Namibian Chamber of Environment, has written an article saying the current campaign against trophy hunting is a western urban cultural imposition on the rights of rural African communities. He asks whether the […]

Beer celebrates Beaufort Hunt mastership

There’s a new beer to celebrate one of the best-known hunt masters in the country. The Flying Monk Brewery, which is based in the Beaufort country, wanted to mark Captain Ian Farquhar’s retirement from the mastership of the Beaufort Hunt after 34 years. It has produced a beer called The Old Captain. Who other to […]

Packham says hunt ban doesn’t work

BBC TV presenter Chris Packham says that neither the law banning hunting with hounds nor the League Against Cruel Sports’ hunt monitoring scheme is working. He says: “It’s very difficult to monitor foxhunting and it’s also very difficult when things go wrong to get a successful prosecution. Police are under-resourced and have many other things […]


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