Fieldsports Britain – Spectacular Mountain Chamois Hunt

Tough stalking in superb mountain scenery – Paul Childerley is shooting chamois during their rut. He is out with Peter Matjasic from WaffenlandTV, who wants to show him why Slovenia is a hunting paradise. Meanwhile, Catty Shack man Wayne Martin offers his tips on shooting straight with a catapult. David is on the Fieldsports Channel news stump and Charlie brings you the best hunting on YouTube makes it in to this week’s Hunting YouTube. It’s all in this week’s #FieldsportsBritain

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Barrels & Brass: chamois in Slovenia

On test: the Sako 85 Black Wolf

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Catapult accuracy

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Chris Packham says hunt ban doesn’t work
Jeremy Paxman begs Britain to stop buying farmed salmon
Gamekeepers clear fly tipping
Bereleigh Shoot noise pollution case
SEAT offends foxhunters
National Trust cancels trail hunting on the Long Mynd
Poland plans mass wild boar extermination
Australian antis are up a gum tree over duck
Cabela’s falls foul of pro-hunting groups
Hunters protest in Oslo over wolves – for the story in Norwegian clich here and here
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