Hunt saboteurs aim for confrontation

Masked hunt saboteurs will do anything to get a violent reaction out of people enjoying legal trailhunting. For a similar film, click here. After years of harrassment by masked thugs, there’s a new trend in the countryside: mask up and hit them back. In this film, two cars carrying hunt saboteurs are rammed by an […]

Good headlines for gamekeepers: Fieldsports News

In this week’s bulletin: ▶ Moorland gamekeepers get good headlines from report ▶ BBC makes promotional film for hunt saboteurs ▶ Hunt saboteurs ‘turn fox into the path of hounds’ ▶ Sussex foxhunter killed in fall ▶ BASC backs the British Game Alliance ▶ NGO charity shoot at Six Mile Bottom ▶ Berlin allows bowhunting […]

IWA 2019: shooting/hunting kit round-up

2019 was a quiet year for product launches at the European gun trade show IWA. Many products had already had their ‘moment in the sun’ on Instagram and Facebook, or are enjoying their European launch following a first viewing at ShotShow. The spirit of innovation remains strong and designers with the brief of improving existing […]

Fieldsports Britain – Roy’s Muntjac Hunt, episode 485

 Roy Lupton is deerstalking with a brand new riflescope. It’s the Leica Fortis, just launched at IWA 2019. He is culling muntjac and roe on behalf of local farmers. We are keeping British food on kitchen tables in this week’s show. Andy Crow is a farm manager and he has troubles deer too. He […]

Andy Crow’s after deer and rabbits

 When your farm is under attack – you need to get out and deal with it. Andy Crow has a problem with fallow deer and rabbits. He deals with both in this film, with the help of cousin Gary. Andy is sponsored by: Andy is sponsored by ▶ Blaser ▶ Gamebore ▶ […]

On Test: Leica Fortis riflescope

Roy Lupton has his hands on the new Leica Fortis riflescope, which launched at IWA 2019. He takes it out after muntjac deer. ▶ This film is supported by Leica. Find your local Leica dealer here ▶ Click here for all of Roy’s films on Fieldsports Channel ▶ Join the Fieldsports Nation. Just £/$/€4.99 a […]


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