Fieldsports Britain – the great British pheasant

We’re celebrating British Game Week with a pheasant shoot and a spot of pheasant cookery. Paul Childerley runs his shoot in Bedfordshire with the consumer in mind, so who along to see hw he does it. That’s on the positive side. On the negative, we tell the story of a how antis in the North-West […]

Pheasants – from flying to fork

Paul Childerley’s shoot in Bedfordshire takes pride in it birds, both in the air for its guests to shoot, and in plastic wrapping, to sell to people who want to eat them. Here’s how he does it. ▶ If you would like to go shooting with Paul, email ▶ Join the Fieldsports Nation and […]

Armed antis step up war on hunting

Update: the Government briefed the Daily Telegraph that its new anti-trespass law will crack down on antis like the ones shown in this film.  The Telegraph says the government took action following our film Imagine being confronted by the antis shown in this film. How can the authorities ignore it? How can the police turn […]


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