Shoots confident about 2020 season – Fieldsports News, 22 April 2020

Here are the links: Most pheasant shoots to go ahead – UK heads for record wildfire season – Rural groups blast RSPB over shooting consultation – BASC Bird charity in row over ‘selfish’ falcon breeders – YouTube + Natural England blog RSPB rents out nature reserve to power station – Packham proposes […]

Deer gralloch – how to manage mistakes

Deer expert Niall Rowantree shows how to solve deer gralloch problems. His DSC2 student, Dr Cathy Mayne, has just shot a fallow doe and they are gralloching it in the field. ▶ This is part of our Alien & Natives series, visit ▶ This item is sponsored by Blaser rifles ▶ To go […]

Trout – catch and cook

Game chef Cai Ap Bryn is hauling in brown trout and cooking them on an open fire. He is on a hunting trip with his mate Trigger Sondheim in Norway, and the lake below the cabin is full of fish. He shows how to rustle up a feast with trout, lemon, butter and basil. To […]

Fieldsports Britain – how to manage a fallow deer herd

Deer expert Niall Rowantree is known for his red deer, his sika and even his roe. Less well-known is the herd of 100 fallow deer on the ground he manages at Ardnamurchan in the Scottish Highlands. He and ecologist Dr Cathy Mayne go out to stalk two fallow does, as part of his management plan. […]

Most shoots will happen this season, says research

Finally, some good news. Most gameshooting will go ahead. A survey of more than 800 shoot owners, manager and gamekeepers across YouTube, Instagram, Twitter and Facebook by Fieldsports Channel finds that 61% of pheasant shoots are going to happen, 21% are mothballed and 18% are yet to make up their minds. It’s the crucial time […]

Aliens & Natives, with Niall Rowantree

Deer expert Niall Rowantree discusses Scotland’s four deer species, two aliens and two natives, their natural history and how to manage them. Niall starts with the roe deer. What makes the animal so loved by deerstalkers and even wildlife-watchers? He looks at roe deer management and hunting, natural history and even some of the stories […]


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