Fieldsports Britain – Paul’s stalking stress tests

How do you go deerstalking, pigeon shooting, gameshooting – or any fieldsports – while keeping a virus-stopping distance from your buddies? It’s simple, says deer manager Paul Childerley. You just have to follow a few rules. He runs through what will work for him and his stalking clients once he is allowed back to do […]

Social-distance shooting/hunting rules

Like everyone, deerstalking guide Paul Childerley will get back to work eventually. But how will he guide clients when he can’t go near them? We pull on the rubber gloves and put ‘social distance’ deerstalking into action on his ground in Bedfordshire. ▶ Paul uses a Sako rifle. For more about Sako, visit ▶ […]

Natural England red tape strangles red listed birds

Grouseshooter George Winn Darley takes pride in the number of rare birds on his moor. However, for the past two years Natural England has been working against him. He takes Ben O’Rourke for a walk around his ground in Yorkshire to look at the biodiversity, and explains how the general licences mess that Natural England […]

Police grab goose shooter’s guns – Fieldsports News, 6 May 2020

Here are the links: Police take guns from persecuted Leeds pest controller Barry Swain Sea eagles ravage British lambs RSPB lashes out at grouse shoots Six-figure salary for official who messed up general licences Newspaper warns of hard times ahead for the countryside Suffolk gun dealer charged with killing wife […]

Eat Game Awards winners

The Eat Game Awards 2019 are out. They include best shop, chef, pub and famers’ market. Among them, judges from gunmaker Purdey and BASC’s Taste of Game initiative voted game chef Mike Robinson their champion of champions. Head of Taste of Game Annette Woolcock comments: “Mike, with his immense passion for wild game, makes for […]

Did Canada ban the wrong guns?

Did Canada ban the wrong guns?

Just like British prime minister Tony Blair found with foxhunting, when you don’t understand what you are banning, your ban won’t work. Now Canada’s Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has announced restrictions on the wrong guns. Canadians were appalled and outraged following the recent mass killing in Nova Scotia. Trudeau promised action. This is his action: […]

Official in charge of general licences mess made new head of Natural England

The civil servant at the heart of Natural England’s disastrous handling of the 2019 general licences crisis is the new chief executive of Natural England. She will earn ‘circa £125,000 a year’ according to the job ad posted by employment agency Gatesby Sanderson. In his statement making the appointment, environment secretary George Eustice refers to […]

How the world is going back to hunting

With most of the world under lockdown, there are tight restrictions on who can hunt or shoot and where – nowhere nore so than here in Britain. BASC, Countryside Alliance and British Game Alliance have all written to the government to ask that hunting and shooting restrictions be relaxed. BASC sent an 11-point guide on […]

World hunting loses the wombat

A run of negative media about wombat hunting has brought about a wombat hunting ban. The main populations of the common wombat are in the states of Victoria and New South Wales. It is widespread and listed by IUCN data on endangered species as of ‘least concern’. Of Australia’s three wombat species, only the northern […]

Horse trainer ‘under investigation’ for Baildon mowing

Horse trainer ‘under investigation’ for Baildon mowing

Bradford Council says horse trainer Sue Smith, wife of 81-year-old celebrity showjumper Harvey Smith, is ‘under investigation’ for mowing moorland in the middle of the bird nesting season. The incident was filmed on Baildon Moor north of Bradford, outraging shooting organisations. The moor is managed by Bradford Council, which already has a poor record managing […]

Shooter arrested, threatened, abused

Barry Swain is a pest controller from Yorkshire who has paying clients who help him shoot. He had a job for a farmer to clear out a large number of Canada geese. They shot some geese and he posted the photo of the result on Facebook. It had lots of ‘likes’ from his friends. Imagine […]


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