All you need to know about riflescopes

All you need to know about riflescopes Can you buy a decent riflescope for under a grand in 2022? Absolutely says Dan Bibb of Shooting Sports UK – and he pulls three examples off the shelf to prove his point. Each one offers terrific optical performance and will almost certainly outlive your rifle if […]

Corvid Patrol

  Fieldsports Nation member Alex Sorisi so liked the look of Matt Turley’s crow shooting set-up, he asked if he and his sister would have a go. We asked Matt to move him to the top of the queue and off went Alex, armed with a camera. These are the results.

On Test: Aimpoint Acro + roebuck stalking

  You have a buck in your scope at 200 yards, and you call it in to 50 metres. It’s time for the Aimpoint Acro to swing into action. The new sight from Aimpoint sits on the side of your scope, ready for you to take a snap, action shot. Roy Lupton tries it out […]

Fieldsports Britain – Short-Range Buck Shooting

  Here’s how to call in bucks and shoot them at close-range. Roy Lupton uses his expert calling skills to bring roebucks from 100s of yards to a few metres, so he can swap between his riflescope and an Aimpoint Acro gunsight, mounted on the side of his scope. Plus Fieldsports Nation member Alex Sorisi […]

How grousemoors prevent flooding

News editor Ben O’Rourke talks to grouse moor owners about how they are reversing the post-war drainage of the UK’s moorland. He shows that Wild Justice’s claims grouse shooting causes floods is fake news.   You can read more about James Mawle and his moorland management in the GWCT’s publication, Moorland Conservationists. Download it for […]


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