Bird ringing: bad for birds?

  Bird ringer Wilf Norman and ornithologist John Cavana present their cases for differing conservation techniques. Does ringing have a future or is it time for tech to take over? Ben O’Rourke investigates.   “Every bird looked brown and blobby,” says John Cavana of his early ornithology experiences growing up in Middlesbrough, the heart of […]

Pigeonshooting: how BASC shouts about our sport

Curtis Mossop’s job is to get people into shooting. We join him pigeon shooting in Cheshire as BASC’s head of pathways to shooting explains how he does it, and his passion for the sport. Watch the full film with Curtis on YouTube Visit the BASC films channel on YouTube For BASC, go to

Stalking elusive bucks

Tim Pilbeam has a fallow problem – a new piece of ground where he and friends have to cull more than 100 animals. Tonight’s the night to get off to a great start – or is it? Click here for more from Tim

Fieldsports Britain – Tim’s fallow fist

  Tim is on ground where 100 fallow need to be shot. He goes all Grand Old Duke of York in his efforts to get on to them, marching David up and down the hill in East Sussex, and debating whether or not to use the high seat. In Lancashire, Curtis Mossop, who works for […]

Best 4×4 vehicles 2020

We tackle vehicles in this survey: the big vehicles you go shooting in, and the little UTVs and quad bikes you use to get around your ground. We carried out this survey in March 2020 when everyone was trapped in lockdown, and 3,500 of you responded. Nearly 400 of you answered the 4×4 survey. More […]

New Scottish deer season – Fieldsports News, 26 August 2020

Here are the links: Hind season to open on 1 September for some RSPB says raptor persecution not as big a problem as it makes out – BASC Government pheasant report gives gamekeepers thumbs up – Fieldsports News Anti-badger cull campaign hits new low Cocker spaniel theft. If you have seen these dogs, contact Simon […]

Daily Telegraph puts negative spin on positive pheasant report

Gameshooting is good for the environment, but could do better. That’s the conclusion of a review by the English government. The newly-launched review Ecological Consequences of Gamebird Releasing and Management on Lowland Shoots in England concludes that banning shooting would result in a ‘decrease in beneficial effects’. In a swipe at the big, commercial shoots, […]


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