UK gun licence medical-check scandal

Ben O’Rourke Five years ago, Tim Newcombe was working for three farmers and a school, clearing their land of pests. Now he has no licence to shoot. Things turned sour when Tim was paid a visit by the local firearms officer. “She was in a bad mood,” he says. “She tried to rip the [gun] […]

Deer photographer at work

Cameraman Carlos Carubia is out in the New Forest after deer. He enlists the help of local deer hunter Elliot Pidgley who calls in the animals and, together, they capture images of roe, fallow and muntjac deer. Find New Forest Stalking on Facebook   Carlos’s camera kit Canon 7D MkII, costs around £800 on Amazon […]

High flying crow shoot on Exmoor

  It’s Exmoor high-bird shooting but without the expense. Matt Turley and Nigel White are decoying corvids and pigeons on the edge off one of the country’s most famous shoots – and their birds are just as high as the birds that people travel from all over the world to shoot. Plus they cover the […]

New anglers flock to UK fishing festivals

Fishing events in the UK report great turnouts as the sport welcomes 100,000 new anglers (government figures). Organisers of two fishing events in September say they were packed out with both new and experienced anglers. Thames Tidefest hosted 40 top anglers competing in the annual Tidefest Championship in London. Now in its seventh year, supported […]

Fieldsports Britain – long, tall pest control

Enjoy spectacular crow and pigeon shooting on Exmoor on the same ground that the world’s greatest guns come to shoot pheasants. Matt Turley and Nigel White are out decoying on Exmoor. You can win a day’s pheasant and partridge shooting in Bedfordshire in company with Andy Crow thanks to Jack Pyke’s new competition. News editor […]

Best semi-autos 2020

 Which semi-autos do the Fieldsports Channel audience prefer? We sent out surveys in March 2020 and more than 3,500 of you filled out the questionnaires (it’s as if you had nothing better to do). Of those nearly 500 semi-auto owners responded. The most popular semi-auto among our viewers is, from Turkey, the Hatsan Escort, […]

Sab says hunt uses horses ‘as weapons’ – Fieldsports News, 9 September 2020

Here are the links: Sab says hunt horse put him in hospital – Facebook Anti-badger cull group’s website shut down BBC bias backlash sparks social media warning – Daily Mail Endangered birds thrive on Scotland’s grouse moors – Press & Journal Hen harriers have ‘fantastic year’, with record-breaking fledglings – Fieldsports News Fieldsports exempt from […]

Hen harriers having ‘fantastic year’, with record-breaking fledglings

In the north of England, 60 hen harrier chicks fledged this year – the most since 2002. Natural England say the chicks came from 19 nests in Northumberland, the Yorkshire Dales, Cumbria and Lancashire, in early summer 2020. The government agency puts the success down to good weather and cooperation from Moorland Association, RSPB, Forestry […]


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