General licences 2022: what you can and can’t shoot

Updated 23 March 2022 This page shows advice by country: England, Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland After two years of shambles, general licences across the UK are settling down to being only several times more restrictive and complicated before they were in 2019. That was the year that Wild Justice launched its legal attack on the […]

Crawling boar range šŸ˜­ šŸ—

  Planning to go boar hunting? You know how you look at a running boar range and say to yourself or, worse, to your friends, ‘I bet I could build one of those for a tenth of the price’? Well, we did. And the results are less than spectacular.

New gun bans heading to the UK – Fieldsports News, 25 November 2020

  Here are the links: England faces new round of gun bans. Take part in the Home Office survey Shoots resume on 2 December after government double U-turn – Fieldsports News Grouse shooting under ā€˜sustained attackā€™ as ministers back muirburn ban – Daily Telegraph JCB hoists hunt sabs’ car to stop attacks – Kent Messenger […]

Two ways of shooting rabbits, with Sam Green

  World champion shot Sam Green shows two methods of rabbit shooting. When it’s a quartering target, keep the gun behind it and push through. When the target is square on, Sam says it is better to switch to maintained lead. He shows how that works. For Browning, go to Sam shoots with a […]

Fieldsports Britain – fallow deer mass gathering

  Only in a handful of places on Earth do fallow deer congregate in numbers for their annual ‘lek’. We are at one of them, in Sussex, with headkeeper David Whitby, to witness one of the marvels of the natural world. David talks about deer management here, and we go stalking inside and outside the […]

Boris’s new lockdown dates cock-up

ļ»æ   Planning to go shooting in England on Wednesday 2 December? First the government said it was legal, then they said it was illegal, now they say it’s legal. You can hold a driven shoot on 2 December 2020. Members of the UK government, including prime minister Boris Johnson, announced that 2 December 2020 […]

Princess Diana’s family gun for sale

Do you want to buy Princess Diana’s shotgun? It’s a good quality .410 by Curry of Birmingham and it is up for auction on 8 December 2020. Her family won’t confirm that she used this gun, but the evidence points that way. Boys and girls usually start shooting with a small-calibre .410, 28-bore or 20-bore […]

The Headkeeper

David Whitby manages a shooting estate in Sussex, looking after pheasants, partridges, deer – and he brings his work home with him. Living with him is a badger, a fallow doe, a raven and a long-suffering wife. His love of wildlife also extends to the game on the estate, which he manages alongside other wildlife. […]


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