Police team up with locals for poacher patrols in Northumberland

  Ben O’Rourke “They try to intimidate you, they look for a rise from you… they’re confrontational, looking for trouble, shining lamps in your face so you cannot see anything,” says local farmer Paul (he wants to keep his surname anonymous) of the poachers who have been hitting parts of Northumberland. “I’ve had run-ins with […]

Delicious roast venison squashes – easy recipe with Tim Maddams

  Top chef Tim Maddams shows how to cook delicious butternut squashes stuffed with venison, in a cream and mushroom sauce, while Country Food Trust chief executive Tim Woodward gets in the way – and explains the work of the charity, feeding the nation with game meat. Ingredients 2 butternut squashes 1 large onion, finely […]

Vegan tries deerstalking

  Katie Hargreaves goes deerstalking with Paul Childerley. What’s unusual is that Katie is a vegan. She sees sustainable hunting as part of her veganism. Paul and Katie are out after Chinese water deer in Bedfordshire. Katie is also a wildlife artist, drawing her inspiration from deer and other animals. Here are some of her […]

Gun price changes after a no-deal Brexit

  What are WTO rules and how will they affect UK shooters? When it comes to buying guns, Simon West from the Gun Trade Association spells it out: the World Trade Organisation tariff on importing guns is 3.2%. The tariff on imprting gun and ammunition parts is 2.7%. These are prices that the gun trade […]


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