Roebuck stalking prize Nigel Appleton won a stalking outing with Tom Davies in a competition on Fieldsports Extra. Tom runs Dartmoor Deer Services and takes Nigel to look for a buck on the edge of a moor. Find out how they get on. Find Tom on Facebook and InstagramTo watch Fieldsports Extra, sign up for the Fieldsports […]

Fieldsports Britain – a buck in your sights We get close to the action as deerstalker Nigel Appleton goes out with Tom Davies from Dartmoor Deer Services after a roebuck. Nigel won the stalking outing in a competition in our Tuesday night show, Fieldsports Extra. Meanwhile, the South Somerset Ferreters need to feed their ferrets – and their ferreting season is over. […]

Big night rabbit-shooting Jaf Jefferson and the South Somerset Ferreters go out after rabbits with lamps, night vision and rifle from the back of a truck. Plus Jaf explains the difference between rabbit-shooting ground and rabbit-ferreting ground. Here’s how they get on. Find the South Somerset Ferreters on Facebook and YouTube Watch Jaf’s film about the night […]

Wind farm cuts off eagle’s wing – Fieldsports News, 5 May 2021

Here are the links: Sea eagle dies after collision with wind turbine – Facebook National Trust’s ban on muirburn ‘worsened Marsden Moor blaze’ – The Times Cops called in after bird nest chainsaw massacre – Facebook Gun licences to record all gun part serial numbers – UK government media release Kent hunt sab fined – […]


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