Gerber Randy Newberg knife and Suspension NXT Multi-Tool Paul Childerley explains why pocket knives and multi-tools have become an important part of is gamekeeping kit. He looks at the Randy Newberg knife and the Gerber Suspension NXT Multi-Tool, with stainless steel handles. For the Randy Newberg knife at £55, go to For the Suspension NXT Multi-Tool at £45, go to […]

Junior shooter Brody Woollard wins the British Open Sporting

Brody Woollard, a 20-year-old junior shot, fought his way to winning the coveted British Open Sporting Championship at EJ Churchill’s Swinton Shooting Ground near Masham in North Yorkshire on Sunday 5 September. It was a thrilling climax to the 2021 clay season. He beat the top names in the sport to take the title. No-one […]

How the RSPB’s hunt for stoats on Orkney is now a wild goose chase by Ben O’Rourke In 2010, stoats mysteriously turned up on Orkney, perhaps as stowaways on lorries carrying hay for farmers to feed their cattle in winter.  A single stoat invader was returned to mainland Scotland and released somewhere with “a suitable habitat and prey for stoats”, where it would not have a bad effect […]

Fieldsports Britain – wild goose song September means wildfowling. Charlie heads to one of the homes of the sport, the River Kent Estuary in Cumbria, managed for wildfowl by the Westmorland Wildfowlers Association. With geese coming in to roost on the sands and duck moving up and down the river, he is out on the banks of the Kent with […]


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