The accidental partridge shoot Shoots never go quite the way you expect. Fieldsports Nation supporter Henry Darling didn’t mean to set up a shoot. Not so soon, anyway. His family took over Place Farm, outside Norwich, a year ago. Henry got his rearing operation underway – and hoped that one day he might be shooting partridges on his […]

Ducks in England head for the banned list? – Fieldsports News, episode 625 Here are the links: Natural England wants to put mallards on the banned list – Packham faces court and media battles – + Zookeeper’s wife picks up £150,000 for decorating – Police target stolen quadbikes and lurcher boys – PETA pushed fake fur on guardsmen’s bearskins – Bird […]

Fieldsports Britain – Sussex Ratnado David finds himself in a flailing maelstrom of terriers, vermin and men, women and children with sticks as he joins the Kent & Sussex Ratters for a farmyard foray. There are rats everywhere, and it’s their job to tease them out and into the smiling jaws of the terriers. On a more civilised level, […]

Wild meat goes mainstream – FieldsportsChannel Podcast, episode 51

After years of telling them that wild meat is good for, it’s traceable and comes with low food miles, the mainstream is picking up on the importance of shooting your own supper. At the Scottish Game Fair 2021, Fife chef Chris Trotter brought together Mark Bush from local food marketing group Great Perthshire, who also […]

How releasing pheasants helps wildlife – report

Releasing pheasants is good for wildlife. That’s the headline of new research [PDF] by the Game & Wildlife Conservation Trust – as long as shoots stick to its releasing guidelines. The in-depth resarch shows that the picture is complicated. The GWCT authors summarise it as, ‘negative effects are caused by the birds themselves while positive […]

Police target stolen quadbikes and lurcher boys

Some shocking footage has emerged of illegal hare-coursing in Bedfordshire this week — Johann Tasker (@johanntasker) November 12, 2021 Police in Bedforshire have their hands full with illegal dog work. A shocking video on Twitter shows officers trying to catch suspected up to 100 lurcher boys. The Bedford Independent news website reports that dozens […]

How to make bearskins worn by guardsmen

The British Army tried fake fur, but it was useless. Wellington Barracks-based military tailor Jonathan Macintyre explains where the bearskin caps work by guardsmen come from. For Jonathan Macintyre, visit And here are more films we have made with him: Not everyone understands the conservation benefits of hunting black bears. Groups dedicated to ending […]

Aporkalypse now: how feral hogs are over-running Hong Kong

A surreal situation has emerged in Hong Kong. Wild boars are plaguing the city. They run through the streets, scaring locals and eating rubbish, often in exclusive neighbourhoods home to millionaires. Ben O’Rourke fills us in on how that happened, with video produced by Hong Kong-based journalist Scott Murphy and camera and sound by David […]

Smoke, terriers and a fountain of rats

Rats, terriers, children, the elderly – throw them all into a farmyard and the rats won’t survive the encounter. See what happens when we join the Kent & Sussex Ratters. Find the Kent & Sussex Ratters on Facebook Kent & Somerset Ratters terrier portraits


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