Keepers in the front line against hare poaching Animal welfare consultant Jim Barrington goes on a tour of hare poaching victims in the Eastern Counties of England. With poachers damaging crops and farm equipment, it is up to gamekeepers to defend the land. Tony Blair’s 2004 ban on coursing was meant to have stopped this. Jim meets gamekeepers Geoff Garrod and Ed […]

Thermal rabbiting with a rimfire Paul Childerley is after more than one for the pot. He is protecting crops and preparing the rabbits he shoots for the game dealer. He also offers a masterclass in presentation and skinning rabbits.   For more about the HIKMicro range of thermal, go to Find Paul on Facebook and Instagram  More from […]

Telehandler hero – Fieldsports News, episode 637 Here are the links: Telehandler farmer cleared of damaging Corsa – BBC Brewer’s tree planting scheme attacked over cull – Telegraph National Crime Agency shuts down illegal gunmaker – BBC Police arrest six men accused of hare poaching in Wiltshire – Wiltshire Police Legal challenge over rules for shooting wild birds – Guardian Petition […]

Government in ‘civil war’ over rivers Countryside campaigners are angry that a farmer who cleared a river bank to prevent erosion and flooding to local homes has been jailed. With some DEFRA agencies including Natural England and the Environment Agency condemning tree work on river banks and others such as the Rural Payments Agency footing the bill for it, John […]


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