Duchy College pheasant shoot

www.youtube.com/watch?v=CpS3u8-ooxE Meet the young gamekeepers on the gamekeeping course at Duchy College in Cornwall as they put on a shoot day. They have picked one of their number, Henry Roberts, as shoot captain – which means he gets the blame for anything that goes wrong. Nah… it’s a great driven day. For more about gamekeeping […]

Shooters across Europe support Ukraine

by Deborah Hadfield Shooters from across Europe are supporting refugees. The International Council for Game and Wildlife Conservation is mobilising its members and partners to help people who are taking refuge in Hungary, Slovakia, and Romania. Local hunting associations are setting up food distribution centres near the borders. The CIC is donating game meat, equipment, […]

Zac Goldsmith’s back-door ban on hunting trophies

by Deborah Hadfield Shooters say Boris Johnson and Lord Zac Goldsmith are being sneaky about trying to introduce a ban on the import and export of hunting trophies to the UK. They claim the politicians are stalking hunting trophies from two different directions. Boris and Zac are  trying to get the animals abroad bill through […]


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