Bird flu 2022: what should shoots and shooters do?

by Deborah Hadfield The UK is facing its largest ever outbreak of avian influenza. DEFRA confirms more than 170 cases in less than 12 months among captive birds. The latest outbreak in Norfolk, Suffolk and parts of Essex has seen the disease at 16 poultry premises. It’s a notifiable animal disease, which means you report […]

Essex pigeonshooting: back with a bang Geoff Garrod is back in the pigeon hide, shooting over freshly-drilled wheat. The birds have been absent from his part of Essex all summer. He uses all of his autumn tactics to bring them in. Find instant deals on the Browning Maxus 2 on Kitfinder  For info on the Browning Maxus 2, visit […]

ATN X-Sight 4K Pro: a day-night rifle sight that calculates holdover for you

by James Marchington There are a few digital day-night sights available nowadays, giving you the option of shooting from dawn to dusk and through to dawn again. That’s a massive help if you want to use the same rifle set-up, without needing to swap scopes and re-zero, or even buying a whole new rifle and […]


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