Best spring air rifle: Air Arms TX200 vs Weihrauch HW97

They’re two of the finest spring-powered air rifles ever made – but which is the best, the Air Arms TX200 or the Weihrauch HW97? James Head of Crackshot UK, the Devon and online airgun centre, is in no doubt. “There’s pros and cons for both and in the end it comes down to personal choice, […]

Government to pay shooters to kill foxes Managing predators is a daily battle for farmers, gamekeepers and landowners. Now the government signals it will recognise this effort and pay shooters for the work. It doesn’t say when or how much, but it includes predator control in the latest round of proposed farm subsidies. Foxshooter Mike Dickinson, who runs Calton Moor Range […]

Spitting sab convicted of assault – Fieldsports News, 8 February 2023 Here are the links: Spitting sab convicted of assault – Bird flu spreads to other mammals – Exmoor red deer TB link to cattle – Autumnwatch cancelled after Packham steps back – Study looks at reintroducing black grouse to Sussex – Welsh snares ban will harm threatened species – […]


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